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How do you choose the right sandwich panels for your construction?

In addition to their already well-known undeniable benefits, thermo-insulating panels also have the ability of being extremely versatile products, when we refer to the particular aspects of your project’s activity and construction.

Thus, I will definitely focus on the right panel category, depending on the particular aspects of the business. And the wide range of panels can successfully meet my constructive requirements:

  • Flammable potential:

If I know that the business for which I am making the investment will have a flammable potential, I will turn to fire-resistant thermo-insulating panels – with mineral wool or PIR – and I will check both fire resistance (in minutes), as well as the reaction to fire class of the proposed panel.


  • Constant temperature:

On the other hand, if I know that my application requires low temperatures or maintaining certain temperatures, I will definitely focus on thermo-insulating panels which serve this purpose – PUR panels, with polyurethane core – and I will check the type of joint between the panels, because it can significantly influence the heat transfer.


  • Saline environment:

If I know that my project will be exposed to such an environment (for example, close to the sea), I will look for a panel that is specially coated for saline environments. Therefore, I will ask the supplier for information regarding the sheet metal coatings which are specifically designed for such an exposure.


  • Special applications:

I will be just as careful if my applications are of the zootechnical, food, pharma or “noise reduction” type.

For example: for zootechnical applications, it is known that in such spaces vapors filled with ammonia are produced, and therefore I will focus on a panel that has an inner support layer made of polyester resin reinforced with fiberglass.

Or, in “pharma” or “food” applications, where there might be special hygiene requirements, I will turn to a panel that has special coatings of the inner support layer.

Also, for high quality soundproofing, I can use a Roof or a Wall Sound panel – with mineral wool filling and perforated inner sheet, for better noise absorption.

See HERE the entire range of panels and find out how they can meet your project’s particularities or technical  requirements.